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WED JUNE 3rd Empty WED JUNE 3rd

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:17 pm

Hi all,

Thanks to all the members that have joined up to our premium signal service .
Here are the trades that were sent out to our premium members this morning...and the profits achieved by the 1st trade for the premium group.I am expecting this swing trade to yield is a number of pips will update all to let you know how this trade goes.


WED JUNE 3rd 1st_ne10

Current profit in pips on positions
Position 2 1.6631= 407 pips
Position 2 1.6665= 343 pips
1st Trade of the month and we have 750 pips on our running positions
Live statement is attatched as premium members were told

Good Luck to all
Happy Trading


WED JUNE 3rd Gu_upd10

Positions still running

WED JUNE 3rd Gu_tra10

WED JUNE 3rd Gu_tra12

Total pips made till date starting from 1st of june:962 but pip countage is 4248
Here is the latest screen shot.

WED JUNE 3rd Gu_ope10

Good Morning All,

I would just like to let you know that this reversal will only be confirmed if we break 1.5880
if we do you can expect a very big retracement..I would like all of you to hold on.
I will send out my signals toward monday for the reversal...this has a potential of over 700 pips...

Good Luck

Happy Trading


Hi All,

We have closed the trade at 1.6040 and we will re-enter on retracements
As from now on. so get ready for some fresh trades.
1.6631-590 Pips-Monetary Pips2360
1.6565-525 Pips-Monetary Pips2100
1.6300-260 Pips-Monetary Pips2080

Total Pips :1375
Total Monetary Pips :6540

Some may ask you had such good positions then why close them...
Profits are Profits...and pips are pips
Once a certain trades yields about 600 pips movement then you can say that the trade cycle has finished. So Let get ready for a new trade.

Good Luck
Happy Trading


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